The Jamaica Lookbook: My Guide to Looking Like I’ve Done this Before

The Jamaica Lookbook: My Guide to Looking Like I've Done this Before

So before November 1st, I had never been out of the country before. Since graduating college, I’ve been tackling a lot of “firsts” in my life, and this year one of my goals was to travel internationally for the first time. Going to Jamaica started out as an innocent suggestion from my boyfriend, but once the idea was there, it locked in. I’d officially been biten by the travel bug. read more

MisManaging My Stress in the New Fall Season

(Mis)Managing My Stress in the New Fall Season: Featuring a psychedelic slip dress and patent black ankle boots

Although you’d barely notice by going outside, the seasons have officially changed. September 21st was the first day of fall, and it was also about 85°F here. The change was subtle. For me, a seasonal allergy sufferer, I slowly began waking up with a stuffy nose and sneezing fits. Though the sun stayed strong, the humidity in the city dropped. I even started getting sick of my summer clothes. The shift was occurring even while it looked like everything was staying the same. read more

Happy Birthday! 3 Things I Learned from Starting a Style Blog

Happy Birthday! 3 Things I Learned from Starting a Style Blog

A year ago, I decided to start a style blog. It started out as a fleeting idea–I had taken a picture of my outfit for a happy hour, and I felt bad uploading yet another outfit picture to my instagram. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could share this only with the people who were interested in seeing my outfits?” read more

DC for Free: The US Botanic Garden

DC for Free: Visiting the US Botanic Garden

By now, you know I hate winter and being cold. It’s hard not to just cozy up indoors, take advantage of the fact my utilities are included in my rent and turn the heat up to 90°F. Unfortunately, the air quality sucks and there is a limit to how much Netflix I can do in one sitting. I needed the joy of the outdoors without the stinging of cold wind on my face. Lo and behold, the United States Botanic Garden comes through. read more

What Does Self-Expression Look Like to YOU?


Last week, I went to the house of a creative coach. I’d been invited as a plus one to her birthday party. When I walked in her front door, the first thing I saw was a wall covered in records. Some were the original vinyl, but most were painted different shades and patterns of orange. They scaled up the wall like bubbles of color rising towards the sky. I was taken aback, and infatuated. read more