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Spring Cleaning: Tips on Keeping Fashion Fun

Spring Cleaning: Featuring a sandy off-the-shoulder top with tie sleeves, round teal sunglasses, and chunky teal platform peep-toe heels

So I’ve dove head-first into my closet spring cleaning. I donated boxes of old clothes and shoes to my local Goodwill store, which was only a little bit heartbreaking. I also pulled my spring/summer clothes out of storage and have already worn a few items! Still, every time the fashion season changes, I find myself in a familiar dilemma–can I still wear half of this stuff, or is it…*gasp* out of style? read more

DC for Free: The US Botanic Garden

DC for Free: Visiting the US Botanic Garden

By now, you know I hate winter and being cold. It’s hard not to just cozy up indoors, take advantage of the fact my utilities are included in my rent and turn the heat up to 90°F. Unfortunately, the air quality sucks and there is a limit to how much Netflix I can do in one sitting. I needed the joy of the outdoors without the stinging of cold wind on my face. Lo and behold, the United States Botanic Garden comes through. read more

City Spelunker: Keeping My New Years Resolution

City Spelunker: Featuring an oversized denim button up accessorized with a silver statement necklace, strappy black stilettos and a matte black handbag

So, just like everyone else, I set some new years resolutions. A few were pretty generic, like working out more. Which, considering it’s March and I’m still going to the gym semi-regularly–I’m feeling pretty good about. ‘Cause let’s be real, how many resolutions make it to March? Even if that resolution is dragging along like some sort of injured animal, it’s still going. read more

Think Pink!

Think Pink! Featuring a black pleather skater skirt with a pink knit longline cardigan and pink crystal drop earrings

As you probably know, I’ve been taking belly dance classes for almost two years now. It’s been challenging but also one of best experiences in my life. It’s taught me a higher awareness of each part of my body and also how to love what it can do. It’s a dance that works on every body type and encourages you to appreciate how it looks on you. Just like clothing, it looks amazing in a different way on everyone. read more

Romance: An Ode to Valentine’s Day and the Horrifying Loss of the Falcons

Romance: An ode to Valentine's Day and the Horrifying Loss of the Falcons

I’m sure February makes most people think of red, with some people more averse to it than others. Today, I’m wearing it to also mourn the fall of the Atlanta Falcons in that Super Bowl game on Sunday. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, which means I’m a fan of whoever is playing against the Pats. I had a great time during the first half of the game laughing maniacally at Tom Brady’s sad faces. The second half of the game was useless. read more

Early Bloomer: Impatiently Waiting for Spring

Early Bloomer: Featuring a hot pink wrap cardigan, distressed lightwash jeans and neon orange stilettos with a gold heel

Suffice it to say I’m not a winter person. With January comes gray skies, cold mornings and nights, and this year it’s brought with it gallons of rain. I’m over it, I hate dressing for it, so I’ve moved on to embracing spring trends with a cool weather twist. Call me an early bloomer 😉 read more

4 Spring Trends I’m Living For

Fashion is finally coming back around to an area I can enjoy. Y’all know I hate winter and looking cute in the winter is a struggle. Coupled with the fact that monochromatic minimalism has been so popular these last few seasons, and I felt like I was struggling through a dry spell. Luckily, 2017 Spring Ready-to-Wear collections came armed with bright colors, interesting prints, and a doll-like glam that warms my frozen over heart. read more

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather: Featuring an oversized comfy sweater, dark wash blue jeans, thigh high black boots, and a black flat brim hat.

Winter has officially started in DC with our first snow yesterday. I don’t like winter, so I sat inside for most of the day and used it as an excuse to watch the Hunger Games movies. Unfortunately for me, I can’t just hibernate through the whole season. I want to look nice without freezing to death, and that’s surprisingly difficult when you hate layering. read more

NYE ’16: Simple, Sophisticated, Sexy

NYE16: Featuring a black cage backless bodysuit, velvet black midi skirt and lace-up silver heels

2016 was a big year for me. There were a lot of firsts! I started this fashion blog (!!), danced in a belly dance show, and visited Chicago. I made and lost some friends, gained some new career skills, and grew closer to a number of people in my life. Instead of reflecting on the many bad things that happened in 2016, I made a point to take a look at my accomplishments instead. I’m encouraging you to do the same! No matter how small they might be, they’re worth celebrating. read more

A New Years Style Resolution: IG Baddie Transformation?!

IG Baddie Transformation: Featuring a monochromatic look with black thigh-high heeled boots, leather leggings, a mock neck crop top and a leather baseball cap

As much as I pride myself on being a style chameleon, there are some styles I’ve kind of designated as Not For Me. For the most part, the instagram baddie style is one of them. It’s just SO extra. And you know I appreciate extra, but it’s extra in all of the areas I don’t want to put in extra work. Like contouring my face or putting on fake eyelashes or keeping my acrylics done. I’m too lazy for the high maintenance style. But I’ve been seeing it everywhere, so I thought, why not give it a try do a mini IG baddie transformation? read more

Nerd Chic

A casual nerd-chic look featuring a mustard duster, high-waist medium blue jeans and a sheer white blouse

Yesterday, I did something completely new and out of my comfort zone. I performed on stage in a belly dance showcase! I was with four other women, all of us new to belly dance, and it was a great experience. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been studying belly dance for the last year and a half with a D.C studio. I fell in love with the dance as soon as I tried it, and it wasn’t until after I got home from the performance it really hit me what I had did. read more

Abigail Lee

Abigail Lee

I'm a 23-year-old web developer living in Washington D.C with an off-the-clock obsession with all things street fashion. Belly dancer, aspring astrologist, and a curious little mind.

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