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What Does Self-Expression Look Like to YOU?


Last week, I went to the house of a creative coach. I’d been invited as a plus one to her birthday party. When I walked in her front door, the first thing I saw was a wall covered in records. Some were the original vinyl, but most were painted different shades and patterns of orange. They scaled up the wall like bubbles of color rising towards the sky. I was taken aback, and infatuated. read more

Party Favors: Ringing in the Holiday Season

Party Favors: Featuring a high-neck gold sequin dress with nude perforated heels and a fur trim trench coat

So last night was my company’s Christmas party. This year’s party was the scaled down compared to last year due to a change in leadership, so I’d set my expectations low. Let me tell you though, when I walked in and someone immediately handed me a delicious apple cider cocktail, I knew it was going to be better than I’d expected. read more

Holidaze: Metallics for the Holiday Party Season

Holidaze: Metallics for Winter

Hi loves! My camera is broken, so I haven’t been posting, but I couldn’t wait to share this with you! Holiday parties are already being scheduled and I’m already digging for dresses. I’m in love with metallics and velvet this winter, and I found this gem while thrifting. read more

Feeling Frisky: Making a Bold Statement

Feeling Frisky: Featuring printed bell bottoms, layered chokers and an off-the-shoulder sweater

Happy Halloween! How many of you celebrated this weekend? I went out with some friends and dressed up as a belly dancer. I love holidays and try to get festive with them. I didn’t decorate my apartment this year, so I’m going to go all in for Christmas. Mariah Carey is basically my approach to most holidays: read more

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look

Everyone’s a little basic, but your outfits don’t have to be. Sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it’s comfort (hello again, my favorite worn-in jeans), and sometimes it’s just not knowing what else is out there! We all have a basic look that we love and wear, maybe even a little too often. read more

Casual Friday: Rocking the Off-the-Shoulder Trend

Casual Friday: Featuring an off-the-shoulder black top and mid-rise flare jeans paired with a layered boho necklace for a chic, casual look.

Hi loves! I’m a big fan of 4.5 inch stilettos, but everyone needs a break sometimes. Thank god for Casual Friday, because I go crazy wearing blazers and sensible pumps too many days in a row. It’s just cold enough for me to finally start wearing my fall outfits, and this off-the-shoulder sweater has been dying to be worn. I love off-the-shoulder dresses and tops, I think they look so effortlessly flirty. Perfect for a Happy Hour where you want to be cute but comfy. read more

The Stylish Superman Cape

A Stylish Superman Cape: An all-white ensemble featuring a dashiki print cape

You ever buy something and have no idea what it’s called? Usually, I don’t. I used to (an occasionally still do) sew, so I know the names for a lot of clothing items. I was lost on this one–I thought it was a kaftan until I googled “kaftan” and from there kinda gave up. Some friends declared it a cape, which I thought was funny, so I decided to go with that. I make a pretty stylish superwoman, too 😉
read more

Motorcycle Babe

Motorcycle Babe: A rough girl fall look

Hi loves! When I was a wee middle schooler, I had a punk phase. Black band tees, wide leg black jeans–and then skinny jeans when those came into fashion–buckles, collars, ties, everything! You had to really commit, otherwise you’d be called a poser, and pshh yall ain’t gonna catch me slipping! There’s not much from that era that I still enjoy fashion wise, but I have a lingering soft spot for hardware. Zippers, buckles, studs, chains, I love it all! read more

Sky-High Boots Made for Walking: Rocking the Thigh-High Trend

Thigh boots with high-waisted jeans and a black tank top with lace up detailing

Hi loves! If there’s one fall trend that’s been inescapable, it’s the thigh-high boots. They’ve been on the feet of every celeb and their mom, but can you really blame them? They’re a surefire way to glam up any look and scream drama. And as a Gemini, if there’s one thing I can’t resist–in my wardrobe, of course–it’s drama 😉 read more

Late Bloomer: Rocking a Two-Piece Set

A two piece floral short set paired with ankle boots and a fitted tank top.

Hi loves! One fashion trend I’ve been in love with has been the resurgence of two piece sets. We’ve seen them on popular celebs like Beyonce, Rihanna and Jourdan Dunn, and Katy Perry. More recently at New York Fashion Week, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton Fall Ready-to-Wear collections featured printed two piece sets, ensuring that they’re going to stick around for at least another season. You don’t have to tell me twice! read more

Intro to Westerns: a 70s inspired throwback outfit

Intro to Westerns: a 70s inspired throwback outfit of the day featuring ribbed grey flares and chesnut ankle boots with a stacked heel.

Hi loves! Autumn came barreling in with the start of September, as the temperature immediately dropped from about 80°F degrees in the morning to 65°F. If you’ve read my post on the 4 Dos and Don’ts of Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe for Fall, you know I was dreading the seasons changing, so waking up to a chilly morning was a little bit of a bummer. read more

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Abigail Lee

I'm a 23-year-old web developer living in Washington D.C with an off-the-clock obsession with all things street fashion. Belly dancer, aspring astrologist, and a curious little mind.

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