Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy


One of my favorite things that the universe aligned for me is that my birthday is almost always during DC Pride week! While it’s not my favorite street festival in DC, I’ve been going to Pride festivals for the last six years so it’s basically tradition. I’d like to say today’s look was inspired

by DC Pride, but in reality I’m pretty much the antithesis of it in (almost) all black clothing. This is generally the closest I can get to monochromatic, and I made up for the monotony of all-black by using a variety of textures. A bandage tube top, mesh baseball jersey, and distressed denim shorts provides the kind of variety I love.




Are you into monochromatic looks, or are you like me and way too attached to diversity? What kind of events do you attend every year? As always, let me know in the comments below! And here’s a bonus picture of me with the Capitol building:


Lots of love,

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