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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look

Everyone’s a little basic, but your outfits don’t have to be. Sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it’s comfort (hello again, my favorite worn-in jeans), and sometimes it’s just not knowing what else is out there! We all have a basic look that we love and wear, maybe even a little too often. But someone told a lie one day when they said you have to choose between style and comfort! On those days when you feel like you’ve done the world a favor by even putting pants on, here are 5 handy fashion tips that will instantly upgrade your basic look.

Invest in Accessories

Accessories are your best friend. Nothing elevates jeans and a t-shirt quite like a statement necklace, and the possibilities are endless. Big earrings, colorful scarves, or a wide-brim hat can immediately make you look like you put more effort into your casual daytime looks. Start with accessories you already love wearing–for example, if you’ve got a soft-spot for scarves, get one in an interesting color or print that you might not wear otherwise. Investing in one or two go-to accessories for lazy days will go a long way in building your closet.

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look: Look 1

A white t-shirt and jeans can easily be made chic by adding accessories such as a statement necklace.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Shoes

Sometimes all it takes to upgrade your look is a little bit of color! Give your nude ballet flats a break and invest in a pair of heels or flats in a bright color or print. If you don’t have much color in your wardrobe to start, get a pair of shoes in your favorite color that isn’t a shade of gray or nude. This trick works for both daytime and night time looks and is great in a pinch.

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look: Look 2

Adding a pop of color to your shoes can instantly elevate a going out look.

Love Your Lips(tick)

Adding a little color to your lips only takes a few seconds but can totally transform your face. Nudes are extremely popular right now, but deep burgundy or plum is perfect for the fall season and will give your look that added oomph. If you’re feeling daring, try a statement color such as blue or green.

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look: Look 3

Lipstick can brighten your face and make a basic look a little less boring.

Carry a Classic Purse

A classic purse is great way to upgrade your look. People will debate until death whether or not purses should be the most expensive item in your wardrobe for this exact reason–a nice bag elevates things. Your bag doesn’t need to be designer to have this effect! Classic shapes and textures like (p)leather shoulder bags are timeless and go with just about everything.

5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Look: Look 4

Classic purses are a great detail for upgrading your look.

Get a Good Fit

Nothing beats clothes that fit right. Whether it’s the jeans that hug your curves or the V-Neck that makes your boobs look great, some items just flatter your body in just the right way. These pieces have the same upgrade effect! Don’t be afraid to take jeans to a tailor or go a size up than your usual at the store if it means a better fit. When clothes fit so well that they look like they were made for you, it’s hard to look just basic.

Upgrading from basic has never been easier! Are you going to incorporate any of these tips into your closet? Leave a reply and subscribe below for more fashion tips and inspiration!

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  1. AU M. Harley says:

    Dope article! Do you have any suggestions for men?

    • Abigail Lee says:

      Thanks! Some of these tips can be applied to men as well. When accessories, focus on things like hats, scarves, or sunglasses. Shoes on a man’s outfit are parallel to the classic purse tip–a nice clean pair of sneakers or suede loafers can really elevate a look. Most of all, a good fit makes everyone look good, so avoid super baggy clothes. If you want baggy, always pick either the top or the bottom but never do both.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

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