Tracing My Style Evolution

Tracing My Style Evolution: Featuring three looks from my 25th birthday and past years

My style has always been pretty eclectic. I’ve loved dressing up since I was a little girl (my favorite game was playing Princesses) and had unique tastes. Over the years, my style has been punk, Japanese gyaru, Japanese rock street style, urban, almost anything you could think of. Since I just turned 25 over the weekend, I thought it’d be fun to compare my style back then to trace my style’s evolution. I know you’re just here for the embarrassing past pictures, don’t worry. read more

Redefining the Creative

Redefining the Creative: Featuring a white chiffon crop top with bell sleeves and drawstring detailing, dark denim high waist shorts and oversized silver hoops

So a few weeks ago, I went to a DC: District Creatives happy hour. I didn’t really know what to expect, but that was the reason I joined the group. Their description was vague: “A collaborative community of like-minded professionals and innovators.” They didn’t have a strict definition for who a creative was. As someone who often feels like my hobbies are on the fringe of being creative, I was hoping to sneak in using this ambiguity. Bloggers get reduced down to “person obsessed with social media” and coders are often viewed as robots. Neither is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of creativity. read more

#DCFW: Style of a Gemini takes on DC Fashion Week 2018

#DCFW: Style of a Gemini takes on DC Fashion Week 2018

February 22-28th marked 2018 DC Fashion Week. I’ve only been to one other fashion show in my life. It was seven years ago, and I had come all the way across PA to watch my sister’s Senior Showcase in Philadelphia. I had done a good bit of sewing my own designs at that point, but it was nothing compared to what I saw. My sister’s collection was Afroglam to the fullest, featuring ankara fabrics before wearing daishikis became trendy. The evening of the show, I helped her into a leather mermaid dress and watched her and her friends in awe. After years of watching shows like America’s Next Top Model through the screen, the runway experience had come to life. read more

The Jamaica Lookbook: My Guide to Looking Like I’ve Done this Before

The Jamaica Lookbook: My Guide to Looking Like I've Done this Before

So before November 1st, I had never been out of the country before. Since graduating college, I’ve been tackling a lot of “firsts” in my life, and this year one of my goals was to travel internationally for the first time. Going to Jamaica started out as an innocent suggestion from my boyfriend, but once the idea was there, it locked in. I’d officially been biten by the travel bug. read more

MisManaging My Stress in the New Fall Season

(Mis)Managing My Stress in the New Fall Season: Featuring a psychedelic slip dress and patent black ankle boots

Although you’d barely notice by going outside, the seasons have officially changed. September 21st was the first day of fall, and it was also about 85°F here. The change was subtle. For me, a seasonal allergy sufferer, I slowly began waking up with a stuffy nose and sneezing fits. Though the sun stayed strong, the humidity in the city dropped. I even started getting sick of my summer clothes. The shift was occurring even while it looked like everything was staying the same. read more