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Snake Me Out Tonight

Snake Me Out: Featuring a snake print knit dress, black pumps, and a prada saffiano shoulder bag

Hello, 2019! We’re about halfway through January, and I’m proud of the fact I haven’t messed up what year it is once yet. If you read my last post on 2018’s fashion trends, you know animal print was my top trend of 2018. Luckily for me, it’s still going strong in 2019, which means I had time to pull out this adorable snake print dress I got a few months ago. read more

‘Tis the Season for Plaid

'Tis the Season for Plaid: Featuring a gray plaid two piece pant set with red cage heels and a red patent leather shoulder bag

Nothing is new under the sun, and it’s especially true about plaid. Although it’s been highlighted as one of this fall/winter’s major trends, it’s a little disingenuous. Plaid trends so often in the colder months that it’s basically a staple print at this point. It’s not usually my favorite print, but when I came across this 80s inspired two-piece, I was totally sold. Somehow my least favorite fashion decade and my not-so-favorite print had come together to create something I actually liked. read more

The Only Sweater Dress You Need This Fall

The Only Sweater Dress You Need this Fall: Featuring a white v-neck sweater dress with turtle buttons down the front, turtle-print geometric drop earrings, and brown pumps

Sometimes with clothing, it’s love at first sight. You try on a dress, or slide your foot into a shoe, and you know immediately that you’re going home together. That feeling is exactly why I can never let go of in person shopping (and also because I never remember to return things.) I was actually at the store looking for cute pajamas when I found this sweater dress and immediately had to have it. Love always finds you when you’re not looking for it! read more

3 Fall Trends I’m Crazy For

3 Fall Trends I'm Crazy For: Featuring a fuchsia skirt, white tee, transparent belt bag, and small blackout sunglasses

Summer is coming to a close, and although summer is my favorite season, I’m looking forward to the start of fall and fall’s new trends. It marks the change of seasons the way back-to-school shopping used to do before I graduated. I used to spend hours trying to decide what I was going to wear on the first day of school—you had to stunt as hard as possible to set yourself up for the rest of the school year. And even though there isn’t a day like that in the working world, you can still stunt on your coworkers with these three fall trends. read more

Tracing My Style Evolution

Tracing My Style Evolution: Featuring three looks from my 25th birthday and past years

My style has always been pretty eclectic. I’ve loved dressing up since I was a little girl (my favorite game was playing Princesses) and had unique tastes. Over the years, my style has been punk, Japanese gyaru, Japanese rock street style, urban, almost anything you could think of. Since I just turned 25 over the weekend, I thought it’d be fun to compare my style back then to trace my style’s evolution. I know you’re just here for the embarrassing past pictures, don’t worry. read more