The Fall Fashion Trend Your Closet is Missing, According to Your Zodiac Sign

According to your zodiac sign, your closet needs this fall trend

Fall is quickly approaching. The mornings are cooler, the days shorter, and soon you’re going to have to unpack all of your cold weather gear. If you’re anything like me, swapping out your closet for fall means grabbing a few new pieces, too. With all of the new trends out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, the stars have aligned to let you know just what to get. read more

Happy Birthday! 3 Things I Learned from Starting a Style Blog

Happy Birthday! 3 Things I Learned from Starting a Style Blog

A year ago, I decided to start a style blog. It started out as a fleeting idea–I had taken a picture of my outfit for a happy hour, and I felt bad uploading yet another outfit picture to my instagram. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could share this only with the people who were interested in seeing my outfits?” read more

How I Spiced Up Business Casual

A professional wardrobe is where style goes to die.

Okay, not really, but that was definitely how I felt leaving school. I’ve always been into street style, and I spent most of college in giant gold hoops and jeans. Nothing about my style felt transferable to a business wardrobe, and as someone’s whose style is very near and dear to their heart, giving it up felt terrifying. I wasn’t meant for black pantsuits with a sensible heel. The Man was trying to smother my individuality! Wake up people! read more

It’s Gemini Season!

It's Gemini Season! Featuring a 70s inspired pink wrap dress with a plunging neckline and cage back detailing with rose gold wrap-up heels.

It’s Gemini season, so of course we’ve got to celebrate! Here’s to the best sign of the zodiac, dual personalities and all. My birthday was this past weekend and Style of a Gemini‘s birthday is coming soon too! I like celebrating my birthday–it’s a chance to reflect and to shamelessly indulge. How many other times a year can I say “today is all about celebrating me”? After all, I’m not a Leo 😉 read more

Intro to Prints: Inspired by Union Market DC

Intro to Prints: Featuring a midi length a-line skirt with a busy primary color print, a black cropped t-shirt and buckled strappy black stilettos

It’s official: the muted monochromatic look is dead. It’s not surprising considering the biggest Spring/Summer ’17 runway trends all showcased bolder and brighter looks. The days are getting longer, warmer, and full of a lot more fun. Suddenly, all those neutrals in your closet are looking kind of depressing. With Memorial Day weekend officially kicking off barbecue season, it’s the perfect time to dive into brighter and busier palettes! To that end, prints are your new best friend. read more

Wearing Your Heritage on Your Sleeve

Heritage: Featuring an orange and gold headwrap, a nude bodycon scoop dress and chunky necklace

I’m a first-generation American. My family immigrated from Zambia, and I was the only one born here. Being first-gen gives you an interesting perspective on culture as you try to navigate both spheres. There were plenty of things I loved about it, such as the wealth of inside jokes I’ve got with nearly every West African I meet from growing up around a lot of Nigerians. However, I also struggled with reconciling my parents’ Zambian standards for me with the American ones I was growing up around. Both the joy and struggle of being first-generation have shaped who I am. read more